This page will have some pictures that I've managed to find proving the existence of ghost. I hope that nothing here scares you... To Badly....

This is a picture of a car crash were someone was un-fourtinually killed.. Could this be his ghost looking on?

This is a field out side of Gettiesburgh, a famous and very bloody war field in the civil war. On this location stood Gallows on which countless captured confederated solders went to their death. If you look at the picture you can clearly see the gallows.

This is a picture taken of a hallway in an African country. ON this location a massacre took place. over 30 children died. When the photographer took this picture the hall way was empty.  Notice that there are NO editing marks around the child and the light underneath of her.

This is a picture taken in the 1930's. You can see the figure standing in the water. Later Investigation reveled that the girl drowned in this creek.

Could this be a tourist that has been lost.. for over 100 years?

Notice the devilish face in the picture. It is fairly obvious.

Would you let your kid play with entities like this? Notice a clear definition of legs, a torso, and head.